Bently Beauty – beauty salon near Poznań – Plewiska

Take care about our health and beauty is very natural and trendy behave. Well-groomed and beauty skin, hairs, nails and smooth body is a dream not only for woman’s but also for every men. Nowadays it is seems like it is too easy to take care about ourselves. We have a surgeon treatments, aesthetic medicine doctors, and cosmetics concerns. Unfortunately a lot of people forget about basic, daily skin care.

It is so important for our beauty and health to prevent aging. Take care about our skin, hairs and nails everyday. Not only making an injection with botox, hyaluronic acid, etc. but also use a cosmetics procedures.

Nowadays many people think that it is very hard to find a good quality beauty salon which not only make aesthetic procedures but also take care about basically skin care.

But we are!

Benly Beauty is a modern beauty salon which respect traditional beauty treatments.

Remember that beauty is not only washing and cleaning. But understand that is also regular care about skin, nails and hairs. We know how important is to make you feel relax by nice massage, good fragrance, harmony design.

It is truly and professional beauty salon which let you feel beauty, comfortable and well-groomed.

It is luxury place for woman and man also, whose wanted to feel young, natural, happy and pretty for all theirs life.

Bently Beauty beauty salon is full of luxurious treatments for the skin and facial rejuvenation of both the face and the whole body. The cooperation with the German brand BABOR allows you to provide you with the highest quality of services and products offered. A wide range of treatments allows for good skin condition not only for women, but also for men of all ages. Our office abounds in a wide range of massages and body treatments that will provide you with an incredible sense of comfort and relaxation, allowing you to keep your perfect smoothness, firmness and skin tension. At Bently Beauty we also do not forget about hand and foot care. In our treatment offer, you will find basic treatments such as:

  • manicure,
  • nail styling,
  • hybrid,
  • gel

as well as special care related to the care of healthy feet – podological treatments.
Bently Beauty is a cosmetic salon, which has been founded on many years of experience in the beautifying industry. Among our specialists you will find:

  • cosmetologists,
  • lingerists,
  • podologists,
  • nail stylists
  • aesthetic medicine doctors

who have at least 5 years of experience in the profession. The whole team of Bently Beauty beauty salon are passionate about who constantly improve their skills, providing you with the best quality of services in the cosmetic market.

Bently Beauty is also an oasis of calm for men who are constantly looking for cosmetic treatments directed at their needs. This is a place where professional staff will take care of your complexion, hands, nails and feet.

This is a room where they will not feel uncomfortable because our staff is
approaching every customer very professionally.

We hope that Bently Beauty will be your favorite beauty salon.

Sandra Dryka