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promocje na kwiecień 2018

Promotions for August 19′

Half of the holidays is already behind us. Some people have managed to already rest, while others are just getting ready to relax. We do not slow down the pace, we care about your good appearance and comfort. In the August promotion you will find treatments that will take care of your appearance, let you meet our new
employees and forget about epilation or chipping nail polish while relaxing at the pool or beach.

We hope you enjoy this month’s offer. Welcome ..

Promotions for August 2019


Despite the fact that for several years some manicurists claim that French
manicure is out of fashion – it impresses us all the time. Natural-looking nails with a
beautiful white strip are not only aesthetic appearance. Thanks to the use of hybrid
nail polishes, your French hybrid manicure will last up to 3 weeks. No spatter, no
bruising. In promotions for August, we decided to put this service at a lower price.
Only in August a hybrid manicure with French decoration made by Tetiana or

at the price of 60 PLN  instead of 70PLN


Are you ready for vacation? Do you want to enjoy a smooth body throughout the
trip? Forget about shaving every day! With Lycon waxing for a full 2 weeks, you’ll
enjoy smooth skin. Feel comfortable on the beach. Are you afraid of irritation after
depilation? Be sure to ask our WaxMastersi about dedicated Lycon cosmetics.
In the August promotion, depilation of any area with LYCON waxes by Sylwia

20% cheaper



Do you like to look natural, but the color of your eyelashes and eyebrows
does not meet your expectations? Does the nap over your upper lip irritate you? You
are not the only one! Eyebrow and eyelash henna along with eyebrow shape
stylization is the most popular cosmetic procedure. Thanks to it, on hot days you will
forget about eyebrow pomades and mascara. Especially since we have prepared a
special promotion for you in August
Henna of eyebrows and eyelashes, along with the regulation and depilation of the
mustache, by Sylwia

at the price of 40PLN instead of 60PLN**



Did you lose a lot of weight? Or maybe you just gave birth to a baby, finished
feeding and feel like doing something for yourself? How to improve the appearance
of flaccid skin on the stomach when exercise is not enough? Is it worth investing in
invasive methods like mesotherapy? Definitely yes. A firming treatment using
StrechCare is a good choice because it stimulates natural regeneration processes.
In the promotion for August 1, you can have a firming treatment for your stomach
using two StechCare ampoules

at the price of 300 PLN instead of 400 PLN


After a sunny holiday, do you have the impression that your hair has become
dry and brittle? If so, then regenerative treatments in hairdressing salons are the
perfect solution. However, if you want to nourish hair roots, improve blood circulation
to the scalp, provide hair follicles with a set of appropriate active substances,
HairCare treatment is dedicated to you.Being aware that prevention is better than
cure, we invite you to a series of mesotherapy treatments using these ampoules.
Start taking care of yourself before it’s too late.
Only in August, a package of 6 HairCare mesotherapy treatments

at the price of 1,700 PLN instead of 2,100 PLN